Logie Academy of Speech and Drama


With confidence, effectiveness and enjoyment

Improve your speaking voice for acting, public speaking, business and professional life

Dr Logie has been teaching these skills for forty years.

Dr Lea Logie Phd (Drama)BA (Arts)Dip EducationLicentiate Dip Speech and DramaDip CounsellingExaminer AMEB Speech and DramaPast President Speech and Drama Teachers Association of WA

Individual and small group sessions for all ages


Public Speaking


Perfect English Pronunciation


Students can progress through
Speaking and Acting Exams (AMEB or Trinity College)

Dr Lea Logie with her recently graduating teachers.

Career Paths

All of our students are community members who can stand up and speak with confidence and skill on any subject that concerns them.

Performing Arts

Some of our students have gone into the world of performance.

Graduate Cara Phillips Performing at Fringeworld festival

Professional Careers

Many are lawyers, doctors, dentists, teachers, business people.


Made all the Difference

Internationally Touring Concert Pianist and Logie Academy Student Shuan Hern Lee, shares how Dr Lea's teaching has impacted his career.


..J is now a confident public performer with a strong command of her presence and is vastly improved in her oral skills. We see the benefits of Lea’s work every day…

P and M S.


..P and I so appreciate all your loving care and nurturing of D again this year. We are delighted with D’s progress under your tuition.

S and P H.

Remarkable Change

..There was a remarkable change in our son, A, after he started work with Lea Logie. He developed a substance and confidence in himself we had not seen for years.

..Thank you so much for the wonderful gift you have given S in developing a love of literature…



..It was such a pleasure to watch L and M perform yesterday. They both deliver such an engaging and entertaining performance. Congratulations, Lea, on nurturing such passion and joy, and thank you.



Thank you so much for all these years of training and support in something I now love. There was so much I learnt from you that a simple ‘Thank you” doesn’t express enough.



Thank you for your years of guidance and of keeping S motivated to continue her Speech and Drama. I have always admired your perfect balance of high standards and professionalism, without the need for the pomp and ceremony that overtakes so many kids’ activities these days. The skills that S has accomplished over the years will serve her very well in the future.


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